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  • 3 March 2023

How to use a video to explain the work of a complicated cyberthreat prevention system

foto: How to use a video to explain the work of a complicated cyberthreat prevention system

In August 2020, we got a request from Group-IB, which develops solutions for the early warning of cyber threats. They wanted a video to help the sales department explain the system’s work and the advantages of Group-IB to the customers.

Before making a commercial offer, we talked with the client and conducted deep research.

Defined the target audience

We came to the Group-IB office, and they showed us the structure of the video. We offered to adjust the script to make it more understandable for the target audience.

It was necessary to understand who the audience was, so we went to the sales department: they often know customers better than marketers or technical directors. We found out that the main buyers of Group-IB products are security directors. Generally, they want to be sure that the implementation of the system will be seamless and will not require alteration of the existing infrastructure or an increase in the cost of the product. The THF solution does not require redesigning current systems, and we decided to focus on this in our video.

foto: How to use a video to explain the work of a complicated cyberthreat prevention system

Figured out the details

We found out that Group-IB offers unconventional solutions. The system not only protects the computers of office employees, but also the entire production part, including devices used by remote employees. It also protects production facilities that may be in the same network with office and remote employees' devices. The system not only repels the current attack, but also prevents similar attacks in the future. How? You’ll see it in the video.

Thought out the dramaturgy

Many corporate videos are made to show the achievements: how many branches have been opened, how many kilometers of pipes have been laid. But this information is unlikely to help the client make a choice, or the sales team to sell the product. We believe that our videos should be understandable and useful for potential customers.

Instead of incomprehensible figures, we started the video with a question: are you sure that you are 100% protected? And showed that THF modules are installed in a server room, and nothing changes for ordinary employees. They don't even notice it. This is important because security directors are very concerned about maintaining the infrastructure. Then we added diagrams that showed how each module works: how data gets into it, how it analyzes them, and what happens to them next.

Selected the visual style and sound design

Group-IB systems not only protect clients from viruses, but also analyze all the activities of hackers, track where the attack came from, and help law enforcement agencies catch them. We reflected this active and even slightly aggressive style of the company's work in dark, technologically-inspired visuals.

The video was planned to be shown at exhibitions without sound, so we didn’t use any voice-over. All information was presented visually, and any freeze frame could be used in the presentation.

foto: How to use a video to explain the work of a complicated cyberthreat prevention system

The company’s feedback 

The video made communication with the customers easier for the sales staff. Thanks to the part about the operation of the modules, we can quickly and clearly explain the technical details of the system.

Cavaliers studio made a visualization of our system’s work. Before we were using slides and diagrams, and now we can show clearly where and how our product modules are installed and what they do – in just 2.5 minutes!

We have a long sales cycle, so it's too early to talk about the effect of the video. But we often use this video for lead generation of new contacts and customers, and interest in the product is constantly growing.

And here’s the result:

Group-IB Threat Hunting Framework

photo: Ekaterina Shmyreva
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