We organize and control the entire cycle of production, from concept development to media support of the product.

photo: Pipeline
3D motion graphics

For those who want to stand out, create a bright and attractive image of a company or a product.

  • Increase brand loyalty among customers, investors, applicants, employees;
  • Make an impressive product presentation;
  • Strengthen credibility in your field.
B2B infographics

We help to tell partners, customers and investors about complex business and systems in an understandable way.

  • Convey the essence of a complex product;
  • Improve communication between the sales team and customers;
  • Improve the company’s efficiency.
Broadcast design

We design television broadcasts and virtual studios. We make intros and design packages.

  • Free your head from content creation;
  • Get resources and management in one place;
  • Bring to life creative ideas and ambitions.
Video production

We produce videos for every occasion of business. From image building to wow-effect.

  • Present the company or project to investors, partners and government;
  • Support/motivate employees;
  • Introduce new products to the customers.

How does it work?

1. Briefing and immersion

We determine the type of video and planned distribution channels, research the company's history and values. The product's style, USP, and JTBD. We interview the stakeholders.

2. We research the product's users

We determine the type of users, their needs, and their values. We research the decision chain, regional and cultural characteristics. If needed, we interview them separately.

3. CJM analysis (Customer Journey Map)

We research the user and customer contact points. We determine the tasks we would like to resolve with the help of the video. We determine the points at which the contact of the user and the video shall be the most effective.

4. Communication strategy

We present the final document, which contains a resume, an analysis of all received information, and the last questions we will answer in the video. We get the format approved and work on the limitations.

5. Creative concept

The research stage is completed. We move on to developing the concept and writing a scenario, highlighting the key advantages of the project as effectively as possible. We prepare the final commercial offer based on the scenario.

6. Production

We start production! A more detailed description of this process is given here.

Frequently asked questions

Do you make explainers, video reports, screencasts?

Very rarely and only as part of large contracts. It is better to hire freelancers for this task.

I have a scenario ready. Can you bring it to life?

Yes and no. We can use it as a base, develop it and do everything necessary to ensure an amazing outcome.

How fast will the video be ready?

Depends on the complexity, we will be able to tell the exact deadline after script and production budget approval. Usually it takes 1-2 months. If you need it faster, we'll show examples of videos that we will definitely have time to make without compromising on quality, and you can choose the appropriate format.

What does the cost depend on?

Idea, runtime, number of shooting days and complexity of graphics. You will know the final cost of the video in advance, and it will not change.

I'm afraid to waste a lot of time and money and get a completely wrong outcome. How can I make sure I selected the correct criteria?

We'll study your needs and create an accurate TOR, explain possible implementation options and stages of work. This way we'll minimize your further efforts and make sure that we understand each other.

What if I don't want to memorize terminology and control the processes?

We'll make a document with a pipeline. It's not necessary to control: just keep in touch with us and give feedback on time. You can do without knowledge of terminology: explain what you want to see, and we will decide how to implement it from the technical side.

Will we meet the deadlines & budget expectations? Is there any quality guarantee?

Yes. References, concept and deadlines are discussed at the contract stage. Further, it will depend on compliance with the pipeline. If you want to replace the script at the final stage, additional financial and time resources will be definitely needed.

Are adjustments possible after the publication of the video if the information changes? What about adaptation for social media?

If we agreed earlier and included this in the estimate/contract, we'll provide you with source files to adjust the texts and editing and help you with adaptation for social media. All materials will be stored for three years, so the task can be completed later, but to be paid separately.

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