AVON. Catalog reviews


The company turned to us to create a series of weekly video reviews of the Avon catalogs. The main hosts of the video were the beauty trainers of the brand. We had to prepare videos both in YouTube and Instagram formats.


We started with simple and popular formats of explainers and catalog reviews. Then we broadened our horizons and brought some experiments. We got caught up in the subject and started to add workshops in beauty videos, then staged episodes and live dialogs. The videos became spectacular, stylish, and appealing. The viewers fell in love with our work, and we became friends with the Avon team.


The reviews are 100% efficient. Clients are waiting for new releases; they watch them as a series. Comments, reposts, and customers' gratitude speak for themselves! What's more, we became good friends with the team. Now we also communicate outside of work-related projects. It is rare you meet such people in life, that's precious.

Yulia Moskvicheva Beauty trainer in the makeup category at Avon
Avon Russia

Avon is a successful makeup and perfume company with a history of a hundred years. It works for more than 20 years and still is on the top of selling brands.

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