FIX PRICE. Sounds like a great deal


The company needed the corporate video for the process of access to the London Stock Exchange. We had to show to the possible investors that Fix Price is not just a low-price store, but a large company led by strong top management, a unique mission, and strong values.


To meet the challenge, we decided to show the company both inside, in the office, and outside, in the store full of customers.

If we started to list facts and numbers and illustrated them with a growing chart, it would be boring and ineffective. To save the dynamic we came up with a video in Q&A stylistics. The actors communicate and joke with the narrator, and reveal the features of the product and customer experience.

Preparing the video for the London investors we preferred of course British English. We cast both actors and the natives in Skype for them to have similar voice timbre and speech tempo. Sometimes we spent up to 2 hours recording just one line of the narration.

As a result, we avoided the impassive description of the company and had a video both explanatory and moving about a relatable living brand.


We needed a video to present the principles of FixPrice's work briefly and clearly, to show what the work of a modern company looks like "from the inside". After shooting, we realized that we needed to tell more. That meant re-creating the cast, and the lights, rebuilding the scenes, and all this with a limited budget. Who will say yes to this? Fans? Professionals! This is not the first time we are working with the team led by Anna Abotina, and we definitely have something to be proud of :)

Alexey Gurevich Head of the Advertising Department at Fix Price
Fix Price

Fix Price is a leading low-price chain in Russia. The company already has more than 5.5 thousand stores in Russia and other countries.

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