TR ENGINEERING. Manufacturer in the engineering protection of the territories domain


In the video, we had to show the gabion net technology and its advantages. The style and tone of voice had to stay clear and minimalistic.


To demonstrate the technology in detail, we had to scrutinize it ourselves. So, the thing was that the gabion net helps to fight soil erosion and stabilize the hillsides.

We used infographics to disclose the benefits of the product. That simple and illustrative stylistic is the most engaging when addressing a potential customer.

We didn’t stop at depicting the usage of the net in specific cases. We went further and imagined an experiment. We opposed the gabion net to an alternative technology that was a solid concrete wall. The contrast between them proved the durability and efficiency of the «TR Engineering» production.

When choosing the leading color scheme of the infographic, we settled on black color with blue and red for highlights. It was such a good solution that our clients and us often picked this stylistic for other projects.

TR Engineering

TR Engineering is an innovative technologies manufacturer in the engineering protection of the territories domain. Their products are outstandingly lasting, suitable for different weather conditions, do not erode, and are easy to repair.

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