TIME2PAY. International Legal Forum


As our fourth video for the International Legal Forum, our primary objective was to showcase Time2pay's service in a captivating and informative manner. We faced the challenge of presenting complex information about accounts receivable enforcement while maintaining clarity and dynamism. Our goal was to convey the essence of Time2pay's approach and their ability to facilitate debt repayment, all within the framework of the general forum's aesthetic.


To evoke a sense of growth, prosperity, and the potential for business expansion, we chose to incorporate a deep green color scheme. This deliberate color choice served as a metaphor for the journey of debt repayment, symbolizing the blossoming of a flower as a representation of business growth.

Through careful animation and attention to detail, the video transitioned from a bleak and burdened atmosphere to one infused with vibrant shades of green. This visual transformation mirrored the transformative nature of Time2pay's service, instilling hope, resolution, and the promise of financial stability.

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