SWEEPNET. For individual persons


The main problem was to show that personal data processing is an essential, modern and non-toxic way to ensure the financial and workforce steadiness of a company.


Sweepnet is an ecosystem that aggregates and analyses open data sets. In simple terms, they process personal data. Legally.

The company approached us with a simple demand – We want it to look good and to be different.

We delved into the product specifics, studied the references the client gave us, invited him for a detailed briefing, conducted creative research, and prepared four concepts for the upcoming video. Two of them were picked to be combined in the project. We used spectacular metaphors to translate the main idea – the financial and workforce well-being is based on the security of the connections between the company and its counterparty.

The result was a video both unique and strong, different from typical corporate image videos. It was hypnotizing movie on the verge between marketing and modern arts.


The primary task set when creating the video was to make an easy, pleasant, and understandable visualization for such a complex area as “data collection and analytics”. Top picture, great idea, and easy communication - that's what we got, working with Cavaliers. We have about 15 contractors, and your studio is one of the coolest.

Ekaterina Romanovich Project Manager at Sweepnet

Sweepnet develops software aimed to collect and process data about people and companies automatically. The algorithm detects connections between companies and contractors and identifies behavioral patterns.

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