SWEEPNET. Legal entities


The video was aimed to gently demonstrate the core significance of the product – the legal corporate data processing for the safety of the clients.


It was our second video for the Sweepnet ecosystem (the first one you can see here). So, it was important for us not only to create a unique visual image but to avoid repeating ourselves.

We used a different color scheme and visual metaphors for this project. The dramatic effect of the video is reached by contrasting two alternative worlds – the dark one where unproven connections destroy the business and the lighter one, where the Sweepnet ecosystem helps to build a durable solid system of the business.

Our idea was to use metaphors to conduct the main idea of the video, that only one unsuitable detail can disbalance the business, but Sweepnet is the best solution to avoid this.


Our cooperation with Cavaliers continues. We trust them: throughout the year we made several projects and each time it was a high-quality picture and unusual ideas that reflect the spirit of our brand. You're awesome!

Ekaterina Romanovich Project Manager at Sweepnet

Sweepnet develops software aimed to collect and process data about people and companies automatically. The algorithm detects connections between companies and contractors and identifies behavioral patterns.

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