08 January 2019 // 16:36

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Meanwhile traditional retailing experiences apocalypse, e-commerce is growing at the rate of 22% per year. However, online retailing is not a competitor to offline one. In a “new retail” concept they merge to provide the customer with maximal choice, fast delivery and best service. Together with mercator agency, we revealed how this industry transforms and what challenges it poses for participants. Just as a meteorite destroyed dinosaurs millions of years ago, today “new retail” will clear the market of those who are not ready for change.

New Retail is a forum for people who determine where the Russian retail market will move in the nearest future. The goal of our clients was to convey the idea of necessary changes in Russian retail market. The market requires transformation in order for the country to remain in a global trend. As a result, together with Mercator agency we created a futurological comedy movie